piątek, 31 maja 2013

Sunset in Reykjavik

Listasafn Reykjavikur

Reykjavik Art Museum (Listasafn Reykjavikur) is located in three different buildings. 

One of them, Hafnarhús (is. Hafnarhúsið), located in downtown Reykjavik, serves as the Reykjavik Art Museum’s institute of contemporary art. New developments in art are explored through diverse exhibitions of Icelandic and international artists. An exhibition of paintings by the Pop artist Erró is a permanent feature. Hafnarhús has a restaurant with a beautiful view over the harbour. There is a selection of foreign and local newspapers, art magazines and professional journals. The Hafnarhús shop offers local and foreign books about works of art and exhibition programmes, published by the museum, in addition to postcards and art posters.

The Reykjavik Art Museum took possession of its portion of Hafnarhús (Harbour House) in April 2000. Hafnarhús was built in 1932-39 for the offices and warehouses of Reykjavik Harbor and was at that time one of the largest buildings in the country. Chief designers of Hafnarhús were architect Sigurður Guðmundsson and the harbor master, Þórarinn Kristjánsson.


This exhibition is part of the programme from Reykjavik Arts Festival 2013.


The Sound of a Bugle in a Shoebox: Magnús Pálsson - A Performance Retrospective.





The exhibition is the result of three years’ work researching and collating the artist’s entire collection of graphic pieces, undertaken by Danielle Kvaran, the exhibition curator. These works of art reveal a variety of techniques, including stamp-prints, lino and wood cuttings, etchings, lithographs and silk-prints. Most of Erró’s graphic art is based on his older works, such as his paintings, collages and drawings. 

One place more, something like place for reading arts magazines or just resting.

The Museum's Shop

czwartek, 30 maja 2013

The Sun Voyager

Sun Voyager (Icelandic: Sólfar) is sculpture by Jón Gunnar Árnason (1931 - 1989).
This is a symbol of dreamboat, an ode to the sun.
It contains within itself the promise of undiscovered territory, a dream of hope, progress and freedom.
The sculpture is located by Sæbraut, by the sea in the centre of Reykjavík.

Sailboats in the bay Faxafloi

Views from Klapparstígur

Pewnego wieczoru (zgadza się, to nie pomyłka - w Islandii nastąpiło już przesilenie, dzięki czemu nie ma całkowitej ciemności w nocy i do bardzo późna jest jasno) sfotografowałam widok z tarasu mieszczącego się przy ulicy Klapparstígur

Dziękuję właścicielce mieszkanka za uprzejmość:) 

Na pierwszym zdjęciu ten najwyższy budynek na n-tym planie to The National Theatre of Iceland.